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Your work has only just begun when the show starts. Use ShowRunner's registration console to automate onsite services.

Print Badges and Event Tickets.

ShowRunner let you print badges and event tickets in advance and in bulk. But what about walk-ins? Or changes to selections that require tickets? Or typos? Use ShowRunner's registration console to quickly print a new badge or event tickets for an attendee.

Easily Make Changes.

Things can change, but ShowRunner's Registration Console lets you handle them. Use it to make additions or changes to selected events or hotel accommodations for an attendee. To note accompanying family and even select events for guests and family members. ShowRunner will instantly recalculate the registrant's account if changes are made, will accept payment if money is owed, and can print an account summary if the attendee needs a receipt.

Maintain Control.

ShowRunner's Registration Console continues to enforce your rules to ensure that limited events are not overbooked, that registrants have access only to appropriate events, and that charges are applied when appropriate. You, in turn, are assured of accurate attendance counts and revenue.

Extensive Reporting.

ShowRunner provides extensive reporting to detail all critical aspects of your gathering: The number of people who are signed up for events, hotel accommodations, financial summaries, even demographic reports. As new attendees are registered and changes from registrants are accommodated, you will easily keep abreast of activity.

Hotels, Too!

ShowRunner even lets you keep track of hotels connected with your gathering, whether you accept the money for them or not. ShowRunner can ensure that rooms are not overbooked or reserved for unavailable periods and that charges are correctly applied to registrant's accounts. When cancellations occur or room reservations are changed, the various hotel statistics are adjusted so you always have accurate counts. And ShowRunner's hotel reports are perfect for giving to hotel management.

You know who said he was coming, but do you know who actually came? Checking in registrants lets you keep accurate track of no-shows—an especially important function if you offer refunds.

Use ShowRunner's Check-In Console for pre-paid registrants. Instead of forcing registrants to stand in long lines simply to get show materials or indicate their presence, let them check themselves in and optionally print their own badges and event tickets.

ShowRunner also supports barcode printing and scanning and RFID technology. Either can be used to restrict access and count numbers of attendees. Not ready for that yet? Print rosters to find out which registrants actually attend your sessions.


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