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Online registration is the ultimate in convenience for both you and your attendees. ShowRunner's registration software makes it easy to provide an online registration, and even better, one that exactly matches the parameters of your event.

Registration Can Be Open or Restricted.

You can open registration to all or restrict it to selected invitees. If your event is for members only, pre-load your membership lists and give members logon IDs.

You Determine Complexity.

ShowRunner gives you dozens of options for controlling the contents of the webpages and the rules that will be enforced—and it's pretty much as easy as checking off a few boxes! For example: Let registration type control which events can be selected. Offer early-bird pricing. Prevent registrants from signing up for overlapping events. Limit the number of signups for events. Accept hotel reservations. Even bundle hotel reservations into events. Many web registration services ask you to conform to a cookie-cutter procedure. ShowRunner gives you maximum flexibility short of a custom solution.

Ask Important Questions of Attendees.

Show hosts often struggle for ways to determine the demographics, buying habits and other attributes of attendees. ShowRunner's online registration lets you ask for any important information. You can then use this data to justify exhibitor charges, plan for future events, or find out about special needs in advance of the event.

Easily Monitor Online Activity.

ShowRunner also provides extensive online reporting so you can monitor activity during a web registration. Easily see how many people have registered or what events or accommodations they have selected. Get financial summaries of fees incurred or money collected. Online editing functions even let you update a person's selected events or hotels, record payments received, save hotel confirmation numbers, even make sharing arrangements.

Email Confirmation and Support.

Registrants receive email confirmation of a completed registration, as do you and your staff. An email blast facility can be used to advertise your event and invite registrants.

Try a sample online registration! Use your own email address and you'll get an email confirmation showing your selected events and hotels, and your payment status. ShowRunner lets you define the content and layout of the email, even giving you a choice of HTML or ASCII.

Check out the online reports and editing functions. They let you keep on top of all online activity.

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