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Event Management and Registration Software
The Easy Way to Manage Registration Online or Onsite
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You can't do a show without registration, but does it have to cost a fortune? Absolutely not. ShowRunner's innovative design lets you implement a full-featured registration, either online, onsite or both, without having to blow your show budget.

If you have a high-speed internet connection, we can show you how easy it is to use ShowRunner's PC-based module to define your event, specify limits and conditions, indicate payment options, and produce the webpages you will need to run an online registration. Please call us to arrange for an over-the-web demonstration, during which we would be glad to answer any other questions you may have.

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You Have Options:

If you don't have the expertise or computer resources to host your own web registration, we offer hosting services that can let you have an online registration for as little as $1 per registrant plus setup charges.

If you'd like to use ShowRunner onsite for your registration, but don't have the personnel or hardware, we can also supply technical support and even personnel to ensure that all goes smoothly.

Try a sample online registration! Use your own email address and you'll get an email confirmation showing your selected events and hotels, and your payment status. ShowRunner lets you define the content and layout of the email, even giving you a choice of HTML or ASCII.

Check out the online reports and editing functions. They let you keep on top of all online activity.

Get a check list. ShowRunner has a lot to offer for a very low price.


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