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Determine what attendee data will be collected
Capture profile, demographic or other data
Handle accompanying family or guests
Multiple registration types and prices
Registration type can limit event selection
Early-bird registration
Members-only registration
Different fees for different events
Different fees for the same event (depending on registration type)
Enforce signup limits (both by count and date)
Prevent selection of overlapping events
Waitlisting for oversubscribed events
Bundle hotel reservation into events
Meeting room and facility assignment
Accept hotel reservations
Enforce accommodation limits
Enforce check-in/out dates
Handle room sharing
Accept payment over the web by credit card
Full accounts receivable
Extensive reporting (Attendee, Events & Financial)
Print rosters for courses
Print Certificates for courses with CEUs
Print badges and event tickets,
in bulk or individually
and on conventional printers or badge printers
Control web registration contents and layout
Email blast facility
Automatic email confirmation after web registration
Extensive activity monitoring and reporting on the web
Full barcode support
Onsite registration for walk-ins and changes
Import attendee lists from other sources



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